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15 Aug 2019

Tips to Look Good in Business Headshots

A Business Headshot is not something we refresh as often as we should so here are my thoughts on getting the most out of your photo. 1. Think about what you are going to wear Graphic logo t-shirts, brand names, or funny slogans are definitely out. Even if it’s a company shirt the text is often cut off in the shot and could look silly. As this photo is probably going to last a couple of years on the companies […]

29 Sep 2017

It’s Not Always Glamorous!

While there is nothing wrong with having a dream, reality is often far different.When considering a career in photography, many of us envision shooting beautiful models, on a beach in an exotic location, with several assistants. As the photographer we’re there to capture the magazine cover, right? Our job is not to keep curious onlookers off the set or rake the sand to perfection or hold the light. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make a living with photography alone […]

08 Feb 2017

Shut up and Shoot!

She yanked the camera out of my hand and started snapping pics of anything and everything. I had clearly forgotten that this was a vacation, not a photo assignment. As a photographer, travelling brings many new opportunities and will often refresh the creative mojo. Sometimes though a vacation is just a vacation! The year of our tenth anniversary, there was a tradeshow in Amsterdam that I have always wanted to attend. Wanting to be the hero, I suggested that we go to […]

14 Feb 2016

Dad Can You…

The fall of 2014 was my daughter’s first year in high school. Being their first year her and her friends wanted to fit in so they joined sports teams, clubs and basically wanted the whole high school experience including attending the semi formal. Now I should have clued in as to what was going to happen considering how many trips Rya and my wife Dawn made to all the malls and dress shops in the city but you know I’m […]