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Photography Services

Business Headshots

Are you in need of a new headshot for social media or your company's website and promotional material? That small profile pic can say so much. For the individual we can shoot in our studio or at an outdoor location. Environmental photos are also available showing you doing what you do. For larger organizations requiring images of several employees we also have the capability of bringing our studio to you. We can set up in a conference room or just about anywhere that is large enough for a background and a few studio lights.


A detailed description is necessary when promoting your product but pictures can also answer many questions a potential buyer may have. Whether it be for your company website, brochure, information sheet or packaging we can capture your product in it's environment or in a studio setting. The studio setting (for small items) would be the choice if you require a transparent background allowing you to drop the photo into any promotional material.


We love making people look and feel their best! We all have a "little" vanity and can appreciate a great photo of ourselves. Portraits can be shot in studio or at your favorite location. We can also provide makeup application by our own trained and experienced makeup artist. Again, our goal is to make you feel great, not only with the finished product but with the whole experience.


Now I don't know about you but my daughter is growing up way too fast. Wouldn't it be nice to have a photographic record of this aspect of your children's lives? So many memories for our kids and for us parents as well. We can capture these memories for you in the form of Team & Individual portraits as well as Action shots of your little , or maybe not so little anymore, athlete participating in the sport they love.

Additional Services

Photography is just our latest service to be offered. For more than 10 years The Hip Mama Communications Co. has been providing exceptional service in the areas of Graphic Design, Social Media & Email Marketing, and both Digital & Commercial Printing for a multitude of business types and sizes from Entrepreneurial Start Ups to Multi National Manufacturing firms. We have also been instrumental in the creation and production of several national Health Care Campaigns aiming to increase patient awareness and involvement with their health care professionals.   Please follow this link for more detailed information on our Design, Marketing and Printing services.