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About Us

Dawn Klym Cowan

Founder, Designer, and The Hip Mama

There really is a “Hip Mama” – just don’t ask her daughter. Dawn is your go-to gal for all things needed for business and health promotion. She has been helping business owners fight the “feast or famine” syndrome for more than 20 years. Dawn is a Registered Graphic Designer (R.G.D.) since 1997 and is experienced with start-ups through large established companies and government institutions. Many of her health care projects have been implemented across the country. RGB_RGDLogo_Professional_opaqueFor more information about what the R.G.D. designation means and why you should care, click here. Contact Dawn at 519-791-7061 or

Jeff Cowan

Photographer, Digital Print Production, Book Cooker

Jeff is the "Rad Dad" at Hip Mama - again, just don't ask his daughter.   He runs the printing and finishing department, cooks the books and does anything else Dawn asks (or tells) him to do.   The recently launched photography services are his initiative and his favorite project to date is photographing a toilet seat. Not all of the jobs are glamorous at Hip Mama!   Contact Jeff at